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Message By Secretary Archaeology & Museum

Congratulations to all members of staff involved who have succeeded in creating a new face to the Directorate of Archaeology & Museums Government of Khyberpakhtunkhwa ( DOAMKP)  website.  The presence of this website is very important in enabling the public to know in greater detail the responsibilities and functions of the DOAMKP.

In the era of information technology and in line with the buzzword, world without borders, the efforts to create and give a new face to the website are certainly worthy of praise.


I am confident this website will assist the public in getting the information they require.  I hope, beside it being continuously updated, the quality of contents will also be improved from time to time.

I am also certain with the serious efforts being made to display information through this website for the benefit of the public,  it will enable all of us together, make the government's objective through the slogan Roshan Pakistan , People First, Performance Now, a success.

Congratulations and Best Wishes.

Secretary Archaeology & Museum

Mohammad Tariq